Right Teaser! Right Teaser!

The hair on the back of your neck stands straight up as the captain screams from the bridge.  You bolt to life, run to the corner of the cockpit and pop the right flat line.  A light thumb holds the spool as you reach the rod out as far as you can. The distinct sound of the teaser and dredge reels whining can be heard as the captain puts the boat into a turn, presenting a clear view of deep blue water.  Fluorescent hues of purple and blue zip back and forth as the billfish thrashes the incoming squid chain.  Just as the teaser clears the water the dorsal fin cuts across the water in pursuit of your bait, the perfect switch. "He's all over it!" the captain yells.  A light bump on the spool and your instantly dropping back... 1..2..3.. why am I counting?  The speed on the spool picks up and you know its time, slowly sliding the lever to strike. The slack in your line comes tight as your bait quickly tries to exit the mouth that just inhaled it.  The circle hook approaches the corner of the jaw and is facing the wrong way, it slides out of the mouth, and the billfish swims away...


Ringer Swivels™ provide the ease of O-Ring rigging with

360° hook rotation for a better hook set

Patent Pending

Photography provided by JaredTurnerPhoto