We believe in supporting our veterans.  A portion of our sales will be donated to Freedom Alliance. Please consider a $1 donation at check out to this great charity that is getting our wounded veterans out fishing!


Photography by Pepper Ailor

Growing up with a family of military members both past and present, I knew in my heart when this company was formed that we were going to give back to our veterans and their families.

A few years ago I discovered Freedom Alliance and was completely moved by the outstanding work they are doing bringing our communities and service members together.  

Most recently, Freedom Alliance formed "The Offshore Experience", where they are connecting sportfish owners with groups of wounded service members and giving them the opportunity to experience the peace and tranquility that the ocean brings to those of us that are able to experience it.

They have our full support and I appreciate your consideration in supporting them as well.

James Turner


And in this way, Freedom Alliance becomes more than a charity; we are friends and guides. If we can escort the veteran to a beautiful, quiet outdoor space, fishing rod in hand and military buddies beside, we can restore the warrior’s spirit.

This organization that was founded to honor the men and women who defend our country, who put themselves in danger so we don’t have to, is more than that. It is a life-changer.  This is Freedom Alliance.